Can you say a firm no?

It was the last lecture of the day. I was relieved and frustrated at the same time. The last hour at school is probably the hardest. You feel filthy from all the sweat and stickiness left on your skin. And you cannot wait to go home, take a nice refreshing bath and a nap in your AC or water cooler room finally. But my class is cursed with probably the scariest and most widely hated subject (not to me though) – Mathematics, on the last hours of school.

Last period, Math, and a boring chapter. Worst combination ever! Being the cheeky teens we are, we (the whole class) begged him not to teach anything that day. And surprisingly enough, he consented. Whoa, right?

But, the thing with teachers is that they cannot sit idle for a second. Instead of teaching complex numbers, he decided to give us a few life lessons which was inspiring, well, at least for an hour.

Now I’ll tell you this thing about us, teens. We are inspired and motivated so damn quickly. And we forget about it even quicker. But the successful person is someone who can hold the inspiration in. Someone who can see it to the end. Like the true mark of a writer is someone who finishes the story. Starting is something many can do. That’s where most people balk.

Gr, I get so off topic. So, my maths teacher said a few things that struck me. Hard enough to make me think about them still (12 hours later), that’s no easy feat, buddy. So, long lecture short, here are the main points.

  • Personality is everything. Building a positive and confident personality should figure highest in your list of priorities.
  • Be optimistic. Always.
  • And lastly, learn to say no.

The third point, hit home, probably because I’d been through that situation just a few days ago. I’d said a firm no, and held it. Nothing swayed me, not her thousand pleas. I was feeling goddamn proud of it.

He asked, “Can you say no to something if your friends plead you for it?”

And I saw so many of my classmates shaking their heads (especially girls), it was crazy.

But remember, there’s a place and time to be stubborn. Learning to say yes to the positive things in life is important as well. Maybe, even more so.

Well, that’s about it. Have a nice day.

– Nikhitha


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