Money or Happiness?

This is possibly the toughest choice many face in their lives. Though some of you might not realize it. But many a time, in some way or the other you have probably relinquished your happiness for money, and less often, the other way around.

 And there are people who have been convincing themselves for so long that they start to believe what they are doing for money is their passion; when it’s really not. They have buried their real passion so deep, that they’ve almost completely forgotten about it.

And again, there are people who have yet to discover themselves. But time doesn’t wait for anybody. Especially here in India, where parents are such an influential source on a student, that they do what their parents want them to do, just to please them. This pleasing, unfortunately never ends. Just the merest mention that you want to do something that doesn’t pay as much as Engineering jobs, friend, you have just dropped an atom bomb on your house. And sometimes when you do not know what to do, you do what your friend is doing, and that in most cases is Engineering. A student in India is supposed to have a blue print of their life ready by 9th grade. And then, spend the next four years laboring to get into a good reputed university. Spending 8 hours at school, 5 hours at coaching, and another 3 studying. That’s already 16 hours! And people need 8 hours of sleep, minimum. And this is the time when you build your personality, when you discover yourself. But instead, you’re a hunched back from your heavy books. And with huge dark circles under your eye from lack of sleep. You never go out and socialize with people. You have insecurities and your confidence is at the gutter level. Is that how life is to be?

Going after either money or happiness is like getting away from the other at times. But if you are the kind who has them both, friend, you are probably one the luckiest people alive.

Here is a Venn diagram that illustrates what I’m saying in the best way possible.


#WIN seems kind of impossible to happen, right?

Money is essential. It’s a need, and in some way even more important than your happiness. Happiness cannot buy food, that sedan car, or pay for your bills. And everybody wants to be a respectable fellow in the society.

But happiness… you have one life to live right? Why do something you hate? Why not do something that brings you happiness? Well, maybe, you won’t earn as much. And maybe you won’t have a luxurious life as your friend or your sibling does. But if you’re happy, somehow that won’t matter. You will wake up every morning happy and not think of your job as a chore, it’ll be playtime for you. And you’ll love every minute of it. You’d be a better human being.

And when you’re hard working and really passionate about what you do, success will come knocking at your door. Just have a bit of patience. Everything boils down to self-belief, hard work, and passion.

There will be hard times, but no great man has never had hard times. It’s because they believed in themselves and were not swayed by hardships that came their way, did they reach where they are today.

If I was given a choice between the both, I’d choose happiness in the blink of an eye. And I am choosing happiness over money. Sure there are hardships for me in the future, but I’m ready to meet them head-on.

What would you choose? Consider carefully.

-Love, Nikhitha


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