Five ways to stop being self-conscious about your dancing.

Okay I’ll admit I am extremely conscious about my dancing. And watching a video of myself dancing terribly may or may not have helped with my confidence. And having a super-confident and an amazing dancing and a spotlight stealer for a close friend definitely did not help me escape this self-consciousness. Dancing is an amazing way to bust your stress and just enjoy and lose yourself to the beat. And if you’re thinking along the lines of, “Oh, but I’m terrible at dancing,” worry no further, I’m here to help you!

1. Be confident.

You don’t have to be awesome at dancing to be an awesome dancer. It’s all about confidence. Believe me. And to be confident, you absolutely need to wear something comfortable. You don’t want to be wearing a macro mini and worry about flashing your panty on top of your self-consciousness about your dancing. Fake confidence even if you’re not confidence; just don’t let your self-consciousness show.

2. You’re not as terrible as you think you are.

We’re the harshest judges of ourselves. And after watching that video of myself dancing infront of all my friends and their parents, I cannot help but cringe inside every time I think about it till date. But they definitely didn’t think I was that bad. Yes, they probably passed a comment or two but that’s it. It doesn’t mean you should never dance again. I wish I had the wisdom I have now then, I would definitely have enjoyed my pre-teen and early teenage years better. But just a year or two after that new years eve party dance, I was forced to dance again and this time in front of a ton of strangers. I resisted as best as I could while everyone around me insisted I dance with a couple of other girls while everyone sat watching us. I had to give in, and the surprising thing was how everyone was all praises about my dance. Everybody loved it and specially came up to me tell me I danced really well. You can only imagine how I felt. That helped boost up my confidence immensely. So, just remember you are nowhere near as terrible as you think you are!

3. Dance alone first.

Practice makes a man perfect. There’s nothing that you can’t get good at if you practice. So, lock yourself up in your room and turn up the music loud and just move your body. Record yourself or dance infront of a mirror to see what mistakes you might be making. Maybe you’re swinging that arm a bit too much or the booty shake you think is sexy is so not sexy. Learn and improve.

4. Watch YouTube tutorials and music videos.

To learn some new dance steps just go on youtube and you’ll find tons of tutorials teaching step-by-step on how to dance. And watch more music videos and try to imitate the dance techniques or just be inspired and have you’re own dance steps to that music. Listen to the beats carefully and make sure you’re not dancing too fast or too slow. Be in rhythm with the music beats.

5. Dance for yourself, not for others.

Just enjoy dancing, even if you’re pathetic at it, who cares! If you enjoy it do it. To hell with what other people think about you. Do your thing. Who says you have to be a pro at dancing to dance! Lose yourslef to the beat, close your eyes and just have fun.


A Seizure.

Hi people!

How are you doing today? I spent my Sunday trying to study and actually not studying much. I have to get serious now. I wasted away yet another day.


Now you’re probably thinking why the title of this post is ‘A Seizure’ when I’m writing nothing about it. Well, sorry about that but here it is. So I was sitting at my desk, in a pretence of studying (well, I did have my books in front me), when I really was watching youtube videos. And then, my brain decided it was enough and I got up to go to the bathroom to relieve myself, and at that moment I felt it coming. My usual dizziness which happens often enough, like 2-3 times a day, and it was nothing new to me. But it was a bit more intense than just my normal dizzy spells where the world would go round and I’d lose my balance and my vision would black out. This time as I felt myself drop on the chair ( Thank God it was there!) and as my face hit the desk, I realized I was spasming. It didn’t really last that long. Perhaps 5-10 seconds. I cannot be sure, my mind wasn’t functioning properly at that time.

I know, I should go see a doctor, but… well, I don’t want to. I haven’t told my parents about this, ’cause my mom will worry and fuss so much about it. But I promise I will, if this gets any worse. And I’m thinking of writing the number of dizzy spells I have each day so that I can keep a track of them.

Do you have any dizzy spells every time you get up after sitting or laying down for a while or even when you’re sitting and you stretch a lil bit? Tell me in the comments section below!

Cya, muah.

Love, Nikhitha.

I am back.

Hi guys!

I am back to blogging again. Can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I last wrote a post. Feels like these two months just flew by. So much has happened in these two months, all in all I would say August has been the best month of this year so far. I went on a small vacation with my family to Chennai, to complete my brother’s admission process and to get him settled in his new home for the nest 3 years. I miss him and things just aren’t the same without him. But we’re (Nikhil and I) too proud to admit that we really miss each other. I would if he would (which means never).

My great-grandmother also passed away in the middle of our vacation. And since we were pretty near to where my grandparent’s live, we decided to cut our vacation and attend my great-grandmother’s funeral.

It wasn’t a sad time for me because-

  • I barely knew her.
  • And I think she lived her life to it’s full extent. She was 97 when she died.

Living till that age kinda scares me, seeing her with all her ailments and stuff, I’d rather die at 70 than live through old-age ailments. Speaking of deaths, I recently did a lot of internet research on spirits and ghosts, and um, I didn’t really like what I found. It said people with unhappy thoughts are more prone to spirit attacks. What?! Now I can’t be unhappy without being scared of being possessed. You’ll laugh when I tell you this what I tell myself at night ever since, “Nikhitha, be happy, the ghosts won’t attack you if they see you’re happy.” Crazy, huh? As if speaking that aloud to myself will make me any more happy or calm the butterflies inside. Tell me in the comments section if you believe ghosts are real.

Okay, now steering away from this ghost talk (I don’t want to attract their attention!), I have my Half-Yearly’s coming up in 10 days! I should be studying hard but instead I’m procrastinating my time away by writing this post. (Hope that makes you appreciate the time I took to write this a bit more.) Gosh, I’m such a procrastinator. I have so much to study and I tell myself that I’ll do it tomorrow and well, heard that proverb – ‘Tomorrow never comes’, eh? So true.

So, one of the reasons why I stopped blogging was because I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about. I am no computer geek to write informational blogs. Makeup and beauty? Even though I spend so much of my time on youtube watching beauty gurus, I don’t wear makeup, nor have an impeccable fashion sense. And what advice could a nearly 16 year old give? I finally decided on writing on my life; this could be my diary! Sounds cheesy, but well, I was always fascinated by the idea of having a teenage diary (not always, ever since I read Meg Cabot’s Princess Diary series) and could never seem to write beyond the first entry. So that settles it. I hope I don’t bore you to death.

And I hope I will continue writing here regularly, and not disappear like I did for these two months.

Bye, and don’t forget to have a great time today, ’cause this day, this time will never come back.

Love, Nikhitha.